Microbiology department is involved in diagnostic service handling clinical samples for culture and sensitivity, microscopy and serological studies. A wide range of samples like blood, body fluids, urine, pus, respiratory secretions, pre operative swabs, catheter tips, tissues etc are received for culture and sensitivity. Anaerobic, Fungal and Mycobacterial culture of various clinical samples are also performed.

The role of microbiology laboratory is to assist in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. This role is critical for patient care, patient outcomes and infection control. This is an era of newly emerging and re-emerging pathogens and increasing antimicrobial resistance that has allowed increased morbidity of emerging pathogens and antibiotic resistant bugs. Microbiology lab needs to be flexibile and responsive to provide the right information in view of the growing drug resistance and newer infections. Keeping this in mind we are keen on upgrading diagnostic methodology which will improve therapeautic success and patient outcomes through reliable microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing. The department has upgraded its automated testing facility with installation of BacT alert automated system and Vitek 2 automated bacterial, fungal identification and susceptablity systems..

Blood culture is being done using BacT alert automated system which utilizes a calorimetric sensor and reflected light to monitor the presence and production of carbondioxide dissolved in the culture medium. Bottle reflectance is monitored and recorded by the instrument every 10 minutes and results are available after a shortened incubation period of four hours instead of the conventional 24 hrs there by reducing the turn around time of reporting.

Automated Identification and susceptibility testing of bacteria and fungus is being done using Vitek 2 Compact system utilising growth based technology thereby reducing hands on time for enhanced work-flow and rapid reporting. The test is read every 15 minutes by the optical systems for reaction reading.