Department of Radiology is one of the basic departments, as the role of imaging extends right from diagnosis to staging and follow-up of patients.

Cancer Institute(W.I.A.) Imaging department has a state of the art Digital X-ray machine which images over 3000 routine x-rays in a month. In addition,the machine is used for special investigations as barium studies, gastro-graffin swallows, loopograms, Intravenous pylography, Dye tests for central line placements, etc.

The Dual slice and 16 slice CT scanners help in diagnosing, staging and follow-up of all type of cancers. Also, radiotherapy treatment planning is done with the help of the CT scan and recently with MRI scanner.

The 16 Slice CT scanner is regularly used for CT angiography,virtual bronchoscopy and virtual colonoscopic procedures in addition to the regular imaging.

Other than routine MRI, CT scans, image-guided procedures as biopsy,pigtail catheter placements in chest, in biliary drainage(PTBD procedures) and abdominal cavity, etc. are routinely performed. We are doing, on an average, 25-30 CT-guided biopsy procedures in a month.

From last year onwards, we have started RFA(Radio frequency Ablation) procedures for liver tumours. We have also performed image-guided alcohol injection for liver tumours.

MRI and CT-guided angiographic reformation for vascularity of tumours is routinely performed. With the advent of 1.5 T MRI scanner, the more complex diffusion protocols for various tumours can be easily performed

We have dedicated MR protocols for patients of rectal, gynaec and pelvic malignancies.

Digital Mammography has helped us and increased our efficacy in detecting smaller breast cancer and at an early stage, number of patients done has increased as less time is consumed during digital procedures

High end and sophisticated 3D, 4D ultrasonographic machines have helped in screening and diagnosing the cancer, also helped in multiple ultrasound-guided interventional procedures.