Completed projects

An aside study on survival trend of cervix and breast cancers treated at the Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai, during 1957-2006 - Study Group: Dr.R.Swaminathan, Dr.R.Rama, Ms.P.Shanthi, Mrs.M.S.Kalyani, Dr.V.Shanta.

Data abstraction for all three sites is in progress. Available data on 10,411 breast cancer cases were analyzed. Preliminary results are as follows: survival was the highest among cases registered in 1997-2006; an increasing trend in 5, 10, 15 and 20-year survival was forthcoming; age at diagnosis of 35-54 years, education of at least school level and disease stage emerged as independent prognostic factors for overall survival. A part of the data is already published.

An aside study on trends in cancer incidence in Chennai city 1982-2006 and statewide predictions of future burden in Tamil Nadu 2007-2016 - Study Group: Dr.R.Swaminathan, Dr. R. Rama, Dr.V.Shanta.

Data collection is completed. A total of 89,537 cases from MMTR during 1982-2006 and 5,416 cases from DACR during 2003-2006 were analyzed. A manuscript on trend analysis of breast and cervix cancers using age-period-cohort model along with inputs from IARC is now completed. Manuscript is under external review.

International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR) project on "A Retrospective Survey of Presentation Features of Breast Cancer and Risk factors for Treatment Outcome"- A multicentric study. Principal Investigator: Dr.R.Rama

The objectives of the project were: (i) To create a data-base of information relating to patient characteristics, treatment and outcomes of breast cancer and (ii) To build capacity for cancer treatment and research through the development and augmentation of infrastructure for data management. The study material is the cohort of 3248 treated cases of female breast cancers treated during 1993-2001 at the institute. The abstracted data has been transmitted to the INCTR office for further action.

JIVDAYA Registry project - Survey of presentation features of common cancers and risk factors for treatment outcome: a retrospective and prospective study - Principal Investigator: Dr.R.Swaminathan; Study group - Dr. R.Rama, Ms. P.Shanthi, Mrs. M.S.Kalyani, Dr. V.Shanta.

Data abstraction on 22 common cancers was planned to cover the period of 1985-2009 on a retrospective basis and 2010 onwards on a prospective basis. The intended main outcome was the development of an electronic database with high-resolution data on host, disease, treatment and follow up factors concerning all treated cases of these cancers. A total of 13,559 forms have been abstracted. Data abstraction and entry are continuing using the institute staff.

Ongoing projects/studies

HCR - partly funded by National Cancer Registry Program (NCRP), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)- Principal Investigator: Dr. R.Swaminathan.

It is a long-term project since 1984 and data is continued to be abstracted following ICMR norms. It provides data to many demographic registries in India especially in North Eastern region and other research projects at the institute. In 2013, 11,544 cancer cases were registered; common cancers were oral cavity, stomach and lung among men and cervix, breast and oral cavity among women.

Madras Metropolitan Tumour Registry (MMTR) - Population based cancer registry (PBCR) partly funded by NCRP of ICMR- Principal Investigator: Dr. R.Swaminathan.

It is a long-term project since 1982 and data is continued to be collected on new cancer cases among the resident population of Chennai city from >220 medical institutions. MMTR formed the basis for many research activities in the department including population based cancer survival, development of cancer atlas in India, starting of rural and state cancer registry and many descriptive epidemiological studies. A total of 7,150 cases diagnosed in 2012 and 3,444 cases diagnosed in 2013 have been registered till date. Data processing is in progress.

ICMR project on "Patterns of Care and Survival (POCS) Studies of Cancers of the Cervix, Breast and Head/Neck""- Principal Investigator: Dr.R.Swaminathan.

This is a prospective cohort study of outcome of breast, cervix and head/neck cancer cases treated since 2006 at the institute. Data abstraction is elaborate following ICMR norms. Data on 10,732 cases treated in 2006-11 have been submitted to ICMR. Follow up at 5 years from diagnosis was >90% for cervix, breast and head/neck cancers, the highest among all participating centres from all over the country. Descriptive statistics along with overall survival are available in NCRP website. Data processing and analysis for the year 2012 are in progress.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) project on "Dindigul Ambilikkai Cancer Registry (DACR)")"- Principal Investigator: Dr.R.Swaminathan.

DACR is a demographic registry covering the entire Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu state. Its field office functions at the Christian Fellowship Community Health Centre, Ambilikkai, in Dindigul district with five staff members. The sources of data collection are 112 and spread over ten districts of Tamil Nadu. A total of 1,533 new cancer cases of 2012 and 765 cases of 2013 were registered. Common cancers were stomach, oral cavity, esophagus among men and cervix, breast and oral cavity among women.

Cancer Institute (WIA) project in collaboration with Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu - Tamil Nadu Cancer Registry Project (TNCRP).Mentor: Dr.V.Shanta; In-charge: Dr.R.Swaminathan

An administrative order (G. O. (Ms) No. 132 of the Health and Family Welfare (G) Department dated 17.04.2012) has been issued to facilitate the registry operations. TNCRP also has the unique honour of emerging as the cancer registry to cover a population of 73 million, the largest in the world. TNCRP is aimed at generating reliable cancer incidence and burden annually based on enumeration of all new cancer cases occurring in Tamil Nadu. A total of 60,055 cases, diagnosed in 2012 have been registered from 612 sources in 32 districts in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, including government and private hospitals, till date. The figures for the year 2013 were 29,529 from 663 sources. Data abstraction and processing are in progress.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) project on "Population based Childhood Cancer Registry"- Principal Investigator: Dr.R.Swaminathan

PBCCR is a special registry conceived to collect more pertinent data on incident childhood cancers occurring among the resident population catered to by MMTR from potential sources in and around Chennai city. A total of 129 cases in 2012 and 102 cases in 2013 have been registered so far. Data entry and processing are in progress.

CI project - Monographs on (i) cervix, (ii) breast and (iii) oral cancers.-Study Group: Dr.V.Shanta, Dr.R.Swaminathan, Dr.R.Rama, Ms.P.Shanthi, Mrs.M.S.Kalyani on behalf of other registry staff

The data from HCR from 1957 onwards, MMTR from 1982 onwards and DACR from 2003 onwards formed the basis. Data processing and analysis are in progress.

RV Trust-HBCR project - Developing an electronic database on 22 cancers treated 1985 onwards: Bridging the gap between years 2000 and 2005.-Study Group: Dr.V.Shanta, Dr.R.Swaminathan, Dr.R.Rama, Ms.P.Shanthi, Mrs.M.S.Kalyani on behalf of other registry staff.

This project has been extended for another year to facilitate high-resolution data abstraction on 22 cancers. Out of a total of 18,104 treated cases during 2000-2005, data abstraction including follow up is completed for 13,530 (75%) cases while 4,574 cases are in progress. Data abstraction on 4,021 cases treated during 2012-2013 is also undertaken simultaneously. Data entry has commenced. Unifying different data formats for the same cancer site is under progress.